2021-12-13 02:13:08
Job Opportunity at NYC Dept of Mental Health: Nutrition Incentives Program Coordinator, Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention


The Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention (BCDP) strives to reduce the burden of chronic disease, including heart disease, obesity, and cancer, among New Yorkers. We work to address the impact of structural racism and other injustices that are a root cause of the inequitable prevalence, treatment and outcomes of chronic diseases in communities of color and among other marginalized communities. BCDP focuses on nutrition, tobacco use, the built environment, screening for cancer, and reducing the incidence and impact of hypertension. BCDP works with partners in government and the community to employ evidence-based policies, programs, communications and research aimed at shifting environments, changing systems and promoting health equity. The Bureau sits within the Center for Health Equity and Community Wellness. PLEASE NOTE: In the event of a public health emergency as deemed by the agency (public health outbreak, natural disaster, etc.), employees may be mandated to assume an emergency response role. In these rare instances and when notified, staff will be re-assigned from their regular day-to-day duties as noted in this job description to take on another role considered necessary by the agency. When this occurs, all staff are required to comply with the change in assignment and must be prepared to be called upon promptly.