Hunger Action Network
of New York State

Worship Resources

American Friends Service Committeeworking here and around the world for social justice for the poor and peace American Friends Service Committee

Bill Moyers Journal, article on “The Business of Poverty” 

Bill Moyers, Alternet. Article entitled “The Fight of our Lives” 

Campaign for Human Development--the domestic anti-poverty, social justice program of the U.S. Catholic bishops

Center of Concern works for theological, economic, political, etc.reflection, and study to bring about solutions for a just social order around the world

Engaged Page--social justice and human rights from an "engaged Buddhist" perspective

Evangelicals for Social Action - evangelicals committed to social justice, environmental stewardship, and peacemaking, members include Jim Wallis, Ron Sider, Tony Compolo

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)  Poverty Ministries is a multi-faceted approach to the scandal of poverty in a wealthy nation

Interfaith links to social justice organizations, U.S. and international--social justice, environment, peace, human rights, religious tolerance

Interfaith Alliance--a nonpartisan, interfaith organization committed to providing people of faith with an alternative voice to that of the radical religious right

Interfaith Impact of NYS is a statewide coalition of congregations and individuals from mainline Protestant, Reform Jewish, Unitarian Universalist and other faith traditions. We advocate from a liberal, progressive religious point of view for compassion and justice in New York State public policies.    

Institute for Peace and Justice--an independent, interfaith, nonprofit organization, begun as a response to the realities of war, racism and global economic injustice. We help people find "learn-able and do-able" alternatives that incorporate justice and reconciliation into an active quest for peace in their everyday lives.

Progressive Jewish Alliance - PJA educates, advocates and organizes on issues of peace, equality, diversity and justice, as a progressive voice in the Jewish community 

KairosUSA--A national/international network of groups and individuals, active on issues of anti-racism, economic justice, and self-determination, while engaged in a process of theological/political reflection

Methodist Federation for Social Action
uniting clergy and laity within the United Methodist Church to take action on issues of peace, poverty, and people’s rights in the church, the nation and the world. 

NETWORK--a national Catholic social justice lobby

New York State Council of Churches - a statewide organization through which Christian denominations accomplish mission goals that can be achieved more effectively by working together  

Peace & Justice Support Network--of the Mennonite Church USA. Resources, advocacy.

Poverty USA It’s time to end poverty in America once and for all. The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) invests in community-based solutions — that know no racial or religious boundaries. We support self-sufficiency and self-determination as the best strategies for change.  

Reform Judaism the home of liberal Judaism

Seeds of Hope Hunger and poverty related Worship resources

The Reform Jewish Voice (RJV) of New York State engages congregations as advocates for progressive social and economic policies at the state level.

UCC Justice and Peace Page action alerts, congregational resources on issues affecting the poor, etc.

United Methodist General Board of Church and Society Extensive resources on Peace and Justice issues

Unitarian Universalist Association home for the religious liberal 

World Council of Churches ecumenical body of hundreds of christians churches around the world, strong on human rights, peacemaking, dialogue

Bread for the World
Hunger Sunday, a monthly newsletter and worship resource for church action against hunger.

Each month Bread for the World makes a copy of Hunger Sunday available on its web site. Hunger Sunday offers sermon suggestions, liturgy, and Scripture passages related to hunger.

Church World Service:
The fate of the poor is God's litmus test of faithfulness. Throughout our sacred scripture we hear the call to "do justice." The following scripture passages illustrate this theme. Read them for personal reflection, or as part of a worship service or educational event:

Episcopal Church
Worship that Works: Selected sermons
It is a good thing that this story is repeated, because within this little story lies the essence of what Christian mission is about, providing bread for the world. The mission of the church is to provide bread for the world. Knowing our mission is about sharing bread with the world, we can ask the obvious question, "what is the bread we are to share with the world?"

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America:
Hunger related resources, websites and links:

Hunger Action Handbook. Book. “How-to’s” illustrates simple, effective ways to address hunger in your community, country and around the world. (Seeds of Hope, Inc., P.O. Box 6270, Waco, TX 76706; (254) 755-7745: $5.00.
Numerous resources can be found at:

Presbyterian Church (USA)
Based on the John 6 telling of the Feeding of the Five Thousand, the A Kid Started It! resources encourage young people to consider how they can share in Jesus’ work of feeding the hungry.

Putting hunger in your worship
Since worship is the central element in every congregation’s life, below are some ways to focus your worship on your hunger ministry. You'll find renewals of commitment, ideal for your congregation as it rededicates itself to its hunger ministry in this 25th anniversary year of the ELCA World Hunger Appeal, as well as a variety of litanies, prayers and hymn suggestions.

Reformed Church in America:
Fifteen ways to help cure hunger

United Methodist Church
Worship resources, including a generous selection of art, children’s sermons, music, prayers and poems, worship services


bread for the world