Frontline Community Food Providers’ Are Subject Mater Experts in Food Policy Effectiveness


We know what shortens and feeds our lines

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Frontline Community Food Providers are seeing the effects of policy or lack there of every day. The Alliance for a Hunger Free New York uses quotes, data, and statistics with the community and key policymakers to illustrate the needs of our coalition even when we’re all taking inventory and making deliveries.

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    Some ideas for what you could share

    1. How can your work/experience illustrate the gravity of the existing hunger crisis?
      1. What barriers to accessing food have you seen among clients who are working?
      2. What barriers to accessing food have you seen among clients who are college students?
      3. What barriers to accessing food have you seen among clients who are immigrants?
      4. What barriers have you seen among your clients in preparing food? (Access to cooking equipment, access to time to prepare food, choices made due to those realities)
    2. How has increased need for food affected your work?
      1. Who is the need from?
      2. What are barriers to serving the new influx of demand?
      3. How has inflation affected your service?
      4. How have the changes in funding (HPNAP, Nourish NY, Child Tax Credit, SNAP Emergency Allotments) impacted your service?
    3. What do your guest frequently need or what are they concerned with?
    4. What do you need/what are you concerned with?

    All the way through the food supply chain, community food providers are the last stop in the fight against hunger.

    We see how many people are in our lines, we feel the struggle of getting enough food to feed the line.

    • Shorten the Line- We can measure the effectiveness of policy that can prevent food insecurity in the first place by seeing the number of people in our lines.
    • Feed the Line- Our ability to feed our lines is reflective of the policy that funds the emergency food providers, both operationally and to purchase food.
    • Both– When we see issues such as food supply chain disruptions, inflation, and overall prices that affect access to food, frontline food providers feel that hardship in similar ways to a consumer that is vulnerable to food insecurity.