Hunger Action Network of New York State (HANNYS) continues to be a leader on the front lines to end hunger and to lift people out of poverty. HANNYS is a membership organization of food assistance programs, food banks, soup kitchens, anti-poverty advocates and others concerned about the quality of life for all New Yorkers.

In 2021, we began the process to merge with the Community Food Assistance Network (CFAN). We have added five new members from CFAN to our Board of Directors in order to augment and unify our efforts to end hunger across New York State. We are excited to be reimagining HANNYS to increase our collective impact and respond to the needs of New Yorkers who are struggling with hunger.

Hunger Action Network advocates at both the federal and state levels to enact legislation and regulations that ensure that all New Yorkers are able to secure adequate food and nutrition. Hunger Action Network influences public policy:

  • As a single organization
  • With other organizations
  • With like-minded coalitions

Learn more about the federal and state policies we are working on, as well as, campaigns addressing hunger:

Want to fight hunger? Start by learning about the critical pieces of legislation at both the state and federal levels. Then, become a hunger advocate. There are many ways that you can engage your community and elected officials in the fight against hunger.

Hunger Action Network of NYS needs YOU to take action on critical legislative issues. Legislators depend on their constituents for input.