A Network of New Yorkers Working To End Hunger

Hunger Action Network of New York State was founded in 1982 as a membership organization representing emergency food providers and other concerned individuals and organizations sharing the common goal of ending hunger and its root causes, including poverty.  The will of our members drives our policy work. Each year at our annual membership meeting, priority issue areas are discussed and voted upon by members.

Our approach is a combination of grassroots organizing and public policy research, education and advocacy.  Hunger Action Network brings together voices from all regions of the state and from all backgrounds to advocate for increased support for programs that provide immediate food needed while also building a unified statewide platform for long-term solutions to hunger.

Over the last three and a half decades Hunger Action Network has pursued the goals of reducing hunger today, these goals include (but are not limited to):

  1. Increase funding for emergency food
  2. Stronger Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as The Food Stamp Program)
  3. Increase community gardens
  4. Addressing root causes of hunger by promoting long-term solutions such as living wages jobs, affordable housing, and universal health care.

Learn more about our critical work and the incredible people who work tirelessly to end hunger.