Finally, economic relief is headed to New York’s families. For the first time, all U.S. citizen children of undocumented parents are eligible for stimulus payments, along with some mixed-status families, delivering much-needed relief to thousands of immigrant households across the state.

We worked hard, alongside our national and local partners, to ensure the American Rescue Plan Act expanded eligibility for stimulus payments to our immigrant community members, including the children of undocumented parents.

And thanks to the efforts of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who worked in lockstep with us, the package also offers a lifeline of nearly $100 billion to help New York survive and recover—including over $165.9 billion for education, $30 billion for small businesses, and $4 billion for vaccines and treatment. This relief package will help lift 4.5 million children out of poverty, including 22,000 New Yorkers.

Real economic relief is on the way for many New York families—and that’s worth celebrating. But we still have more work to do to ensure that every New Yorker, regardless of immigration status, has access to the relief they need to weather this crisis.

The economic devastation of the pandemic has and will continue to disproportionately burden immigrant communities, and without a plan that includes everyone—regardless of status—New York cannot have a full recovery.

Join Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and the NYIC on March 17th (details to come) for a members-only conversation about the American Rescue Plan and the next economic recovery package.

Together, we can build a pathway to citizenship and economic recovery for ALL New Yorkers.

In solidarity,
Murad Awawdeh
Interim Co-Executive Director
New York Immigration Coalition