Advocacy needed NOW for Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program (HPNAP) funding increase!

NY State Senate and Assembly start deliberations on February 15!

See this request and sample letter from the Westside Campaign against Hunger:

Dear Friends,
On February 15th, the NY State Senate and Assembly will begin deliberating whether to increase funding for the Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program (HPNAP). HPNAP funding has remained unchanged for more than five years, even throughout the pandemic and the alarming increase in hunger in our city and state.

You can help:
State Assembly representatives Catalina Cruz and Dan Rosenthal are submitting a letter requesting a historic increase of HPNAP from $35 to $54 million. The anti-hunger community has gathered around this effort engaging their networks to pressure policymakers to support this much-needed funding increase. This is an opportunity to add your voice to the groundswell of support and bring us closer to the day that no New Yorker goes hungry.

Our Ask:
Call the Albany office of your senators and assembly members. Use the talking points below. The most critical period is now until February 15th, when budget letters are due. Calls work best, but emails, tweets, and texts help too! You can find your senators and assembly members here. Talking points for your call or email are below:

Hello, my name is ____________ and I’m a constituent in the senator /assembly member’s district.
I am calling you today to urge the senator/assembly member to ask for an increase to the Hunger Prevention Nutrition Assistance Program budget to $54 Million in the FY23 Budget.
We are still seeing a lot of need at food pantries and on our streets. For example, The West Side Campaign Against Hunger, a front-line food organization I proudly support, tripled its reach to over 77,000 customers and distributed almost 5 million pounds of food this past year.
The economic crisis caused by the pandemic won’t be over when the health emergency ends. Costs have gone up across the board, from utilities and gas to food, and high inflation rates impact everyone. HPNAP is key because it provides local organizations with operation money to cover costs like food, transportation, coolers, utility bills, etc. Funding for food pantries is critical to getting healthy fresh produce and shelf-stable options to all in need.
Will you commit to supporting an increase in the HPNAP budget?
Thank you for your time and consideration.