Tuesday, September 25, 2018 is the National Day for media attention and outreach to build unity and support for voter registration.  Voter registration can, and should,  be an on-going effort, particularly for nonprofit organizations providing assistance to those experiencing poverty.

If you would like materials for conducting a voter registration drive contact us info@hungeractionnys.org

Click here for information on New York State’s voting rules 

Click here to check on registration status and find polling place  Many people believe in error that they are properly registered and ready to vote.  A quick check with the New York State Board of Elections will provide confirmation. Any issues (change of address, registration purge) can be resolved.

Though voting on line in New York State is an option for anyone who has a NYS Dept of Motor Vehicles issued drivers license or identification card, we highly recommend that you collect paper registrations and deliver them to your county board of elections (It doesn’t hurt to make a copy of them before turning them in).