As our lives are upended by this pandemic, one thing is clear: our healthcare system is failing to protect us. Coronavirus is laying bare the deep inequities of the current system: working class people around the state struggle to access testing. Black, Indigenous and communities of color face higher rates of death. In recent weeks, millions of people have lost their jobs and insurance, just when many of us will need it most.

We want to do everything we can to be stronger on the other side of this crisis than when we went into it. As we put together the next steps for the Campaign for New York Health, we need to hear and share our stories about what we are facing in order to make change. That’s why we hope you will take a few minutes to fill out this survey to share your coronavirus experience.

How are you doing? What has this time been like for you? What are your healthcare struggles? Have you been sick? Have you struggled to get testing or treatment?

We must continue to build a movement strong enough to pass the New York Health Act, even as it becomes more challenging. We can only fight back against this virus with a fully insured society. We need a healthcare system that ends rationing based on what kind of insurance you have and how much money is in your bank account. Healthcare must be treated as a basic human right not a pay-or-die commodity.

Without a doubt, passing the NY Health Act and building a universal, guaranteed healthcare system to cover every single New York resident and worker is a necessary step in the response to this pandemic. Your participation will help us build the next steps in our campaign so we can move forward together.

Another healthcare system is possible!


The Campaign for New York Health Team