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NYCFoodPolicy.org Original News

  • Double Up Food Bucks and Farmers Market Nutrition Program: Nutrition Incentive Programs (Part 2) (nycfoodpolicy.org)
  • School Feeding Program in Egypt Improves Youth Nutrition and Food Security (nycfoodpolicy.org)
  • Beth Shapiro and the Citymeals on Wheels Staff and Volunteers: COVID-19 Food Heroes (nycfoodpolicy.org)

Food Policy Weekly News Digest

NYC Food News

  • Mayor Adams Takes Executive Action to Promote Healthy Food in New York City (Office of the Mayor)
  • Executive Order 8: Commitment to Health and Nutrition: Food Standards and Good Food Purchasing
  • Executive Order 9: Promotion of Healthy Foods in City Publications and in Advertising on City Property
  • Rethinking How New York Buys Food (The River Newsroom)
  • NYC Reignites Plans to Legalize Propane Heaters for Outdoor Dining (Eater)
  • The Future of Outdoor Dining in NYC Will Feature ‘Roadway Cafes,’ but No More Dining Sheds (Gothamist)
  • 91% Of NYC Restaurants Say Permanent Outdoor Dining Is ‘Very Important’ to Future Survival (Restaurant Dive)
  • Restaurant Resiliency Program’s Rocky Start Tests East Harlem’s Restaurants (NY City Lens)
  • Gorillas, the Rapid Delivery Service, Is Changing Berlin. Is NYC Next? (New York Times)
  • Judge Tosses Biz Groups’ Challenge to NYC Law for Fast Food Workers (Reuters)
  • NYC Youth Job Program Hiring Workers to Help Fight Food Insecurity (Pix 11)
  • Green Bronx Machine and Quest Diagnostics Foundation Team up to Expand Acclaimed Indoor Gardening Curriculum to Inspire Healthier Students (NewsDirect)
  • NYC Supermarkets Add Security Amid Shoplifting Crime Wave (Progressive Grocer)
  • How Eric Adams Mixes Tough Talk With Superfood Smoothies (New York Times)
  • New York Mayor Eric Adams Is an Imperfect Vegan. And That’s Okay. (Vox)
  • The Chopped Cheese Heads West And South. And East… (Grub Street)

Food Insecurity

  • $230 Million in Additional Food Assistance Available for New Yorkers in February (Troy Record)
  • The Squeeze: Organizations Across Tri-State Area Seeing Greater Need for Help With Food Insecurity (CBS)
  • How Inflation Slammed the Hungry—and the Food Banks That Help Them (Barron’s – subscription required)
  • WIC Got a Benefit Boost During the Pandemic; Advocates Want to Make It Permanent (Ag Insider)
  • Food Insecurity Remains an Obstacle for International Students (The Globe and Mail)
  • China’s Focus on Food Security (The Diplomat)

School Food

  • New York City’s “Vegan Fridays” School-Food Program Is as Vegan as Its Mayor—That Is, Not Entirely (The Counter)
  • New York City Students Push Back Against Vegan Lunches: ‘I Like Meat More’ (Fox News)
  • Chocolate Milk Returns to California School After Protest by 4th Grade Students (ABC7)
  • The Pandemic Increased Hunger, but Fewer Kids Are Getting School Meals (Ag Insider)

Public Health and Food Safety

  • Study Examines Connection Between Availability of Healthy Food Options, Health (Penn State News)
  • Brain Food: Diet’s Role in Preventing Conditions like Dementia (Iowa Public Radio)
  • New Study Reveals The Real Reason Most People Avoid Fast Food (Tasting Table)
  • Is the Future of Food Quality in the Hands of Machine Learning? (Food Safety Tech)
  • Most Parents Use Infant Formula. So Why Hasn’t The Recipe Changed In Decades? (Forbes)
  • Dietitians Forecast a Future of Food Innovations, Warn Against Tik Tok Pseudoscience (Food Navigator)
  • The Microbiome and Personal Nutrition in Food and Beverages: ‘There Is So Much Potential for Innovation’ (Food Navigator)
  • How Can TikTok Put a Stop to Disordered Eating Content When It’s Everywhere? (The Takeout)
  • 14 Organizations and Initiatives Bringing Better Food to Hospitals (Food Tank)

Food Business and Supply Chain

  • Where Inflation Is Hitting Hardest: Prices of Groceries, Utilities, Rent Jump (Wall Street Journal)
  • U.S. Efforts on Pandemic, Economy: Things Are a Bit Better, but Not Yet Good (CBS)
  • Report: Vegan Meat Could Become Cheaper than Beef by 2023 (The Beet)
  • Avocados Will Get More Expensive, but the Costs for Growers in Mexico Are Much Higher (Eater)
  • Bread, Pasta, and Packaged-Food Prices Are Rising. Here’s Why. (Barron’s)
  • Analysis: How Will Canadian Trucker Protests Impact America? (The Food Institute)
  • The Real Cost of Free Delivery Is $10 (Crain’s New York Business)
  • Food-Delivery Profits Remain Elusive (TechCrunch)
  • Decade-High Food Prices Drive Poverty and Unrest in Africa (Wall Street Journal)

Restaurants, Retail, and Food Workers

  • This Colorado Restaurant Hired a Therapist to Help Employees With Industry Stress (NPR)
  • Everything You Should Know About the Starbucks Union Wave (Eater)
  • Chef JJ Johnson On Childhood Cooking, Respecting Staff, And Rising Black Chefs – Exclusive Interview (Mashed)
  • Why Big Chains Thrived While Small Restaurants Died (Mother Jones)
  • New Study Reveals How Food Trucks Are Affecting Restaurants (Tasting Table)
  • Legislators Push to Support Service Workers Who Lost Income Due to COVID-19 (The Counter)
  • Texas Restaurant Workers Are Eligible for Free Child Care (Eater)
  • Business Booms at Kroger-Owned Grocery Stores, but Workers Are Left Behind (New York Times)

Food and the Environment

  • USDA Invests US$1 Billion in Climate-Smart Agriculture (Food Tank)
  • What Is the Future of Organic? (Civil Eats)
  • The Joy of Cooking (Insects) (New York Times)
  • How Dairy Farmers Are Cashing in on California’s Push for Cleaner Fuel (NPR)
  • How Corn Ethanol for Biofuel Fed Climate Change (Civil Eats)
  • Consumers Want Animal-Free Dairy Because It’s Better for Cows, Study Finds (Food Dive)
  • The New Secret Chicken Recipe? Animal Cells. (New York Times)
  • Rack of Squirrel, Anyone? These Chefs Are Serving Up Invasive Species. (Mother Jones)

Food Justice

  • How Giving Legal Rights to an Indigenous Food Could Stop a Pipeline (Mother Jones)
  • This Market Stepped Up to Feed a Town With No Grocery Store (Modern Farmer)
  • North Jersey to Share in $40M Fund Aimed at Attracting Grocers to Underserved Areas (North Jersey)
  • Is It Impossible to Certify Impossible Pork as Kosher or Halal? (The Counter)
  • The Fortune Cookie Quest (Gastropod)
  • Food Tech and Innovation
    Food Banks Embrace Innovation Labs (Food Bank News)
  • Innovative Foods Are On The Rise. Can They Fix Our Food Systems? (Forbes)
  • Will Apple-Picking Robots Save Agriculture—Or Ruin Farm Workers? (dot.LA)

NYC Food Policy Center Events

  • Replacing Food Pantries – Can Incentive Programs Do the Job? Thursday, March 3, 2022, 9:30-11 AM
    Andy Fisher, Executive Director of the Ecological Farming Association
    Grace Holihen, RDN, Director of Nutrition and Meals at GMHC
    Michael Hurwitz, JD, MSW, adjunct professor at Hunter College Urban Policy & Planning and former Director of Food Access and Agriculture at Grow NYC
    Qiana Mickie, Founding Principal of QJM Multiprise and former Executive Director of Just Food
    Pedro Rodriguez, Founder and Director of La Jornada NY Food Pantry

NYC Neighborhood Food Resource Guides

  • The Center has created 59 Neighborhood Food Resource Guides. Click HERE to find your neighborhood.
    The Center’s guides have been updated by more than 300 volunteers who have spent thousands of hours making more than 200,000 calls to keep data up-to-date.

Food Policy Research and Reports Digest

  • Food Truck Truth (Institute for Justice)
  • Menu Labeling Influence on Purchase Behaviors: Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior and Health Consciousness (Appetite)
  • Enhanced Risk of Concurrent Regional Droughts With Increased Enso Variability and Warming (Nature Climate Change)
  • Oncology Registered Dietitian Nutritionists’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Related to Food Insecurity among Cancer Survivors: A Qualitative Study (Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)
  • Policy Framing, Design and Feedback Can Increase Public Support for Costly Food Waste Regulation (Nature Food)