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Thank you to Ribka Getachew, from Food Advocates and the NYS Good Food Purchasing Program Coalition and K. Cooper Rohan, from Field and Fork Network for sharing out about specific policy. In the last meeting’s minutes you will find links to their slides, notes from their presentations, and call to actions from both policies.


The Next Meeting is Thursday, November 9th, 4-5p.m. Register Here!


If you would like to do a similar educational presentation or learn more about a specific policy push – please let Peyton know! We would love to have more folks involved in this forum and bring together all the work that is happening in the Anti-Hunger space.

Specific Asks from Last Meeting:

  • Reach out to me (pyourch@thefoodpantries.org):
    • If you are interested in joining a Food Summit Event Planning Committee (to help find speakers for various tracks and to be involved in the Food Summit overall)
    • If you’re interested in joining an Ad Hoc HPNAP/Nourish NY Recommendations Group
    • If you have anything you’re looking to share or learn about in these meetings
  • Reach out to Cooper (crohan@fieldandfornetwork.com)
    • If you’re interested in joining a DoubleUp Food Bucks Task Force (Starting in November, likely monthly meetings)
  • Reach out to Ribka (rgetachew@foodadvocates.org) or Taylor Pate (tpate@foodadvocates.org)
    • If you’re interested in joining the NYS Good Food Purchasing Program Coalition or its workgroups
  • Keep Up with Hunger Solution’s Farm Bill Advocacy Here
  • Keep up with Health School Meals Coalition Here

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