On Food Tank this month, Erin McAleer, the Executive Director of Project Bread, wrote: “The necessity, value and benefits of universal school meals were made clear by over 4,200 advocates reaching out, calling, emailing, tweeting, and showing up over 18,000 times in front of Massachusetts legislators.”

More progress is in the works, too. A federal bill moving through the U.S. Congress right now, the Universal School Meals Program Act of 2023, would enact free school lunches nationwide, so we’re keeping a close eye on that legislation. Plus, on FRAC’s website, you can track progress on free school meals in your state. See which states are enacting policies or legislation HERE.

We need to take direct action to help feed our kids. Reach out to your senators, representatives, governors, even mayors and school board leaders, to let them know that universal school meals are a priority. If your state already passed universal school lunch legislation, call your elected officials to thank them, so they don’t forget the power of the food movement.