Representatives from CEO attended the People’s State of the State yesterday and as part of the The Alliance for a Hunger Free New York are urging Governor Hochul to fund both HPNAP & Nourish NY programs at $75 million for New York State Fiscal Year 2025.

“Food Pantries are simply not able to keep food on the shelves at current HPNAP funding levels. It is as simple as that. Our pantry in Mechanicville now services as many families in a week as we previously used to see in a month – with less donations and funding.”
Megan Quillinan, Mechanicville Area Community Services Center, Executive Director, Saratoga County

“The Capital District Area Labor Federation and all of our unions, union members and their families are urging the New York State Government to fund our food pantries. The need is greater than ever. Many of our members and retirees are using food pantries regularly because they can not afford housing, medical, transportation and food.”
Mark Emanatian, Executive Director, Capital District Area Labor Federation