Thank you to all who were able to attend. Thank you to Alison, Madlock, and Antonisha for sharing about the Right to Food and the Community of Practice. Please click these links if you’re interested in joining the Community of Practice or registering for the National Right to Food Summit.

Please check the notes for more about the one-house budget.
More specific pushes outside of the One-House Budget include:

  • Oral Health Workforce Project – Join Here
  • Plant-Based School Meals Sign-On Letter
    • Fact Sheet
    • If you’re interested in signing on to the sign-on letter (attached) email Megan Amos from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine [ https://www.pcrm.org/ ] at mamos@pcrm.org
  • Feeding NYS has a petition here “Tell Governor Hochul & State Lawmakers – Fully Fund Hunger Relief!”